What we do

New Haven is a city of entrepreneurs. We support them.


Collab is a small business, non-profit, and for-profit support program serving the New Haven community. We provide capital, mentorship, and other resources to entrepreneurs based in New Haven.

Our theory of change is built on the fundamental belief that investing in local entrepreneurs will contribute to individual, community, local, statewide, and national wealth (including more jobs, talent retention, and impact).

Through our programming and events, we aim to address the small and large financial, psychological, and logistical barriers to entrepreneurship in New Haven.

We serve ventures that are:

  • Early-stage

  • For-profit, non-profit, or a hybrid

  • Committed to local impact

  • Lifestyle or Growth

Collab began as an event series that brought together Yale and New Haven students, leaders, and entrepreneurs around a distributable curriculum of community problem-solving — coined Community-Centered Design (CCD).