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Friday Fund is a Collab program that financially supports early-stage entrepreneurs in building community events that help test their product or service. Only rule — the event has to happen on a Friday ⚡


Why test out your product or service?

No matter how solid your business plan or research, there will always be unexpected surprises when you actually get your product or service in front of customers. Friday Fund gives you the chance to test your product or service with actual customers to give you feedback.


Why community events?

Community events allow entrepreneurs to be face-to-face with many potential customers interacting with a sample of your product or service.

Making a sauce using ingredients and flavors from your home country?
Organize a taste-test on the New Haven Green.

Building a summer camp for New Haven youth?
Host a one-day basketball tournament for 8-12 year olds at Criscuolo Park.

Creating a program that empowers students to use code to learn math?
Run a hackathon for high-school students at the New Haven Free Public Library.


Why do events have to happen on a Friday?

New Haven is an awesome city.

On Fridays, entrepreneurs can simultaneously test their products and services while contributing to vibrant and creative Friday nights in New Haven.

Plus, limitation breeds creativity 🚀


How do I apply?

Friday Fund grants are $250.

We evaluate applicants and select one Friday Fund grantee every two months.  Our next deadline for submitting applications is Friday 12/15 at midnight.

To start your application for Friday Fund, fill out the form below! Collab will be in touch to talk about your idea, walk you through the application, and brainstorm how Friday Fund/Collab could help make it happen.


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