Are you an experienced entrepreneur or nonprofit leader? An industry expert interested in helping small businesses or startups? 

Become a Collab Mentor.


Early-stage entrepreneurs need a lot of things to be successful and one of their most important assets is mentorship. Collab’s mentorship philosophy is that the best mentors are the best listeners: asking the right questions and empowering them to take the best next steps for their venture.

That’s why mentors — people like you — are at the heart of Collab’s Incubator Program.

As a Collab Mentor, you would be a part of a network of mentors that may be paired with a Collab venture (based on the venture’s needs). If paired, you will have a 1-hour meeting with that team once a month for two months during the program. During these meetings, you’ll listen to each other’s entrepreneurship stories and ask them guiding questions about their venture.

Here are some questions mentors may ask ventures:

  • What is your value proposition? How can we make it stronger?

  • Who are your customers? Who have you talked to? What did they say?

  • What’s the smallest thing you can create to test your assumptions?

Here are some questions ventures may ask mentors:

  • What partnerships can I start to cultivate?

  • Who else should I be talking to?

  • What is it really like?

For more information or if you're interested in joining us, please email