Collab Office Hours

Collab Office Hours provide Connecticut entrepreneurs with a chance to deep dive into themselves and their venture — whether it's just an idea or an existing organization. Sessions are 30 minutes, conducted over the phone, and open to anyone in Connecticut. 

Each session can address questions such as: 

  • Mission: What is the core value of your organization? 
  • Marketing: Who are your customers and how can you reach them? 
  • Maintenance: What are the logistical processes you need in place?
  • Mindset: What are some mindsets that can help propel you forward? 

In the last year, Collab has served over 250+ entrepreneurs through Office Hours.

For phone Office Hours, sign up below.

For in-person Office Hours at Ives Squared, sign up below. All in-person Office Hours take place at Ives Squared at the New Haven Free Public Library (133 Elm Street).