Our Team

Collab's team combines backgrounds in both startups and community organizing in New Haven.


Caroline Smith, Co-Founder & Co-Director

Caroline Smith is a community organizer working with many others to build towards a vision of a more equitable, connected Yale-New Haven community. She was the Co-Director of Marketing at SeeClickFix — a civic technology company that connects citizens with their local governments. She founded New Haven Bike Month — an effort to build bicycle justice through neighborhood empowerment. Currently, she was elected the Chair of the Downtown-Wooster Square Community Management Team. She’s received the City of New Haven Individual Innovator Award, Yale Presidential Public Service Fellowship, and Yale Seton Elm-Ivy Award for her work.

Margaret Lee, Co-Founder & Co-Director

Margaret Lee is committed to advancing social enterprise as well as equity and diversity in entrepreneurship. Before Collab, she was the Co-Director of Marketing at SeeClickFix, a New Haven civic technology startup that brings together neighbors and local government officials. Before that, she worked at the Yale Entrepreneurship Institute (now the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale) where she managed Yale’s academic year and summer accelerators, seeing through more than 100 student and faculty ventures. In addition, she helped launch the pilot of the Social Venture Creation Program, an incubation program for social entrepreneurs. 



James G. Boyle

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Yale Entrepreneurial Institute


DeAri Allick

Founder, Fearless Youth Academy


Peter Crumlish

Executive Director, Dwight Hall at Yale


David Carter

President, Board of Directors of Community Mediation

Karla Lindquist

Economic Development Officer, City of New Haven


Emily Byrne 

Former Director of Strategy, City of New Haven Housing Authority


Janna Wagner

Executive Director, All Our Kin
Chair, The Community Fund for Women & Girls


Sarah Tankoos

Director of Program Management, The Future Project

Cassandra Walker Harvey

Managing Director, Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale


Lee Cruz

Community Outreach Director, The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven


Slate Ballard

Co-Founder, The Grove
Co-Founder, The State House


Ben Florsheim

Outreach Coordinator, Senator Chris Murphy, 3rd Congressional District

Matt Storeygard

Director of Investments, CT Innovations


Reverend Kevin Ewing

Founder and CEO, Baobab Studios
Acting Minister, First Church of Christ


Ben berkowitz

CEO, SeeClickFix
President, Board of Directors of MakeHaven